Farm Buildings

The heart of your operation. We build the structures that become the very heart of agricultural operations:  storage buildings, general farm and maintenance shops, insulated shops, spacious machine and equipment storage, grain/commodity storage – or whatever your operation needs. 


Free Stall Barns are designed specifically to each Client’s needs. Building layouts, options, and sizes vary greatly from project to project and AJ Builders LLC. can assist in designing your building. Call our experienced sales staff or project manager to assist you and design a building that is right for you.

Flat grain storage offers the possibility of alternative uses, such as machinery storage, hay storage, etc. after grain is removed. With portable bulkheads to confine grain to specific areas in the building, it can be used for multiple purposes.

Livestock Buildings

Dairy Barns
Dairy barns from small, single building expansions to large, multi-site commercial-style operations to the country’s largest dairy producers requirements we can assist you with your dairy barn needs.  

•    Structural Integrity: high-quality, rugged materials for 24-7 freestall facilities
•    Long-Term Value: excellent return on investment compared to other options
•    Large Herds: experience with large, complex, multi-building operations
•    Ventilation: abundant air flow for herd and worker health

We understand the unique challenges producers face, foremost, is balancing the multiple demands of animal health and productivity, equipment, waste management and future expansion.

Beef Barns
Our popular monoslope beef barns offer the perfect combination of structural integrity, shelter, ventilation and waste conversion.
•    Flexible: custom design can accommodate pens, gates, expansions
•    Cross Ventilation: opens sides allow excellent air flow
•    Roomy: long span central header minimizes interior columns


Hog Barns
AJ offers many options to ensure the safety, health and productivity of your hog operation. We’re experienced in building facilities for breeding/gestation, farrowing, nurseries, and finishing.

•    Customized: design flexibility lets you decide on ideal layout and materials
•    Ventilation: We can work with any ventilation system you choose
•    Specialty materials: insulation design endures high moisture-high humidity environments

Business Area Add-Ons

Today’s operations require sharp management. Add on to your livestock building with office areas, employee break rooms, restrooms, showers and records storage.


Many structures are designed for people and products, like our commercial buildings and residential homes. But AJ also knows how to provide a safe environment for your animals and the people who handle them as well. This is true with our dairy and livestock buildings as well as our inspiring Horse Barns and Arenas. Whether you’re planning a small pleasure-horse barn or a large, attractive stable with an extra-wide clear-span area for riding, jumping, roping and cutting; you can depend on AJ to match your neighboring suburban building, AJ can provide a wide variety of maintenance-free siding to custom coordinate your building with existing structures and surroundings.

Horse Barns & and Stables

Whether your horses are for hobby or business, We can build your personal vision. But we go way beyond just erecting a horse barn or stable. We build to the practical, aesthetical and emotional nuances of the equestrian lifestyle. We build to your passion. Above all, we strive to provide the safest environment possible for your family (two-legged and four-legged!).
We can any customized combination of horse barns, stables, stalls, shelters, riding arenas, viewing rooms, and adjacent living quarters, depending on your unique needs.

Barns with Living Quarters

•    We can help you design safety-tested, specialty stalls, stall doors, dutch doors and sliding doors maximize safety, durability & beauty
•    Comfortable: well-lit, ventilated, heated spaces for horses, owners, riders and staff
•    Functional: practical, intuitive designs for now and in the future
•    Flexible: endless options in exterior and interior features

Barn Restoration

After a century or two of hard service and exposure to the elements, many of America's barns and historic agricultural buildings are suffering from structural damage brought on by decades of sustained neglect. Long experience with repairing these type of timber framed buildings allows us to understand and efficiently address their needs. To protect the barns we restore, we provide complete sheet metal roofing services as well.

Hobby Buildings

Prefab Garages & Workshops

Whether you need a space to work, pursue your hobbies or store your toys; your garage workshop, hobby garage or garage shed should reflect your dream.  We offer endless options to customize your year-round shop, while still complementing your property’s other structures we can collaborate with you to bring your workshop plans to life. 

•    Value: superior materials and construction give top value for your investment
•    Flexible Design: design the floor plan to your specific purpose
•    Options: customize windows, doors, siding, roof, accessories and more
•    Low Maintenance: durable features maximize your “hobby” time