Building Specifications

AJ Buildings pride our self’s on out moto:   “Build a better Building”

Unlike several of our competitors we focus on quality construction.  While the industry is trying to cut costs by offering less like low 3/12 pitch trusses and spacing at 10 foot and sometimes as wide as 12 foot. 

Our standard buildings we build using only engineered trusses with a minimum of 4/12 pitch trusses with minimum standard spacing at either 8or 9 feet.   Our buildings also come standard with trusses to support internal load so your cold storage pole building today can be turned into your lined finished work shop in the future.

AJ Buildings LLC offers the following high quality standard specifications as the minimum standards to which all our buildings are constructed. Because we offer full customization, you may request additional features as well.


Laminated posts a full four feet in the ground, set on an engineered concrete “cookie”

  • Engineered trusses custom designed to National Building Code wind and snow load           requirements for your area
  • Treated 2 x 8 shirt boards at the ground level
  • Bracing to Engineer’s specifications to the posts
  • Trusses notched and lagged to provide a superior joint
  • Double or triple header beams or LVL over door openings
  • 2”x6” girts for sidewall support
  • 2”x4” perlins on end for roof steel support and strength

Steel Siding and Roofing

  • 29 gauge galvanized steel with a baked on enamel finish
  • All metal fastened with screws with neoprene washers, not nailed
  • Vented soffit and ridge vents included as standard
  • 13 standard colors to choose from, all at the same price
  • Forty year pro-rated warranty from the manufacturer

Building Options

  • Multiple Vapor barrier and insulation offerings available  
  • Bi-parting sliding door with bottom door guides and low-profile latches
  • Standard 3’ x 3’ insulated sliding windows (if selected) other sizes available
  • Interior lining packages
  • Custom made cupola’s
  • Window shutters
  • custom overhangs on all sides of your structure (1’ or 2’ common)
  • 3’ wainscot

Concrete (optional)

  • 4,000 psi concrete with fiber reinforcing
  • Saw cuts every 12’ or closer
  • Recommended  4” minimum thickness